Hours & Rates

Hours of Operation & Rates


All Tours Up to 6 Guests.  If you have more than 6 in your group please call for further information.

Exact times for cruises will vary depending on the season. Premium rates may apply for holidays.


Monday – Thursday Evening Cruise   $325

Friday Evening Cruise    $340

Saturday Sunrise Cruise   $325

Saturday Daytime Cruise   $325

Saturday Evening Cruise   $340

Sunday Sunrise Cruise   $325

Saturday Daytime Cruise   $325

Sunday Evening Cruise   $340


You will love any of the above cruise options but just a quick note about the sunrise cruises…they’re so worth it!

The water is still and quiet, you get to watch the wildlife wake up, and greeting the sun over the horizon is simply amazing! So just set your alarm, grab your coffee (or Mimosa!), and power through a little bit of sleep loss. You will not be sorry! 




Also Available:

Additional Hours  $150 per additional hour

Half Day (4 hours)  $625  Call for Details

Full Day (6 hours)   $875  Call for Details



Call or Text

(843) 991-8688